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iPhoneWhat is Apple Passbook

We live in a digital age where physical inconveniences are frowned upon. Where everything from our personal contacts, emails, work information to our memories stored as photo albums are available in devices stored conveniently in our pockets. Smartphones have incorporated devices considered necessary at one time and made them obsolete. No longer do we need to carry a camera, laptop, suitcase or an Mp3 player with us when we travel. We just need our phone.

Introduction to Passbook:

Apple’s application “Apple passbook” has the potential to replace our wallets or handheld satchels and incorporate even that into our Apple devices. Imagine a world where you have no need to carry coupons in your pocket, worry about forgetting your tickets or forget the sales on shops in your favorite stores. All you need is your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod/Mac and passbook./

How it works:

According to apple, passbook is: “A digital representation of information that might otherwise be printed on small pieces of paper or plastic. They let users take an action in the physical world.” Passbook is a location based service and it is activated on your home screen whenever you use the device. When you buy any service from any IOS app, you will be given the option to add it to your passbook. Now when you are close to the area where you need to utilize the service, you will automatically be notified by passbook on your home screen and it is utilized by a 2D bar code provided. Similarly coupons from print media can be added to your Passbook by scanning the bar code with your Apple device.

Targeted Advertising:

Passbook is a must have for marketers, entrepreneurs and merchants alike. It provides an opportunity to gain leverage over advertisements through print media. A good example is that the rates of redemption of coupons from mobile media are 10 times more than those from print media. Moreover you can target specific individuals according to their interests and now with passbook according to their location. Passbook also gives the advertisers opportunity to design their passes which provides space for creativity and can enhance your brand image.

Beginning a Project:

Beginning a marketing campaign can be daunting when you consider mobile marketing. It’s a relatively new concept and seems difficult especially to those who aren’t tech savvy. provides the necessary assistance to the beginning entrepreneurs along with settled businesses aiming to expand. It helps you to build your customer base by the following easy steps:


Revenue Calculator:

Calculate the additional revenue potential your product has by using our easy to use calculator. It calculated the approximate additional revenue according to the specific plan you have in mind for your product. This gives you an idea regarding which plan you should purchase and how effective it would be.


Choose a plan:

After getting a general idea you can select a plan which fits your intended market, investment and product. You can even start a 30 days trial period for free before deciding to gain additional benefits of our premium plans.


Creation of Passes:

Using our easy to use creator you can create passes yourself optimizing every detail from the color palette to the screen space it would occupy. Using Passbeemedia pass creator is simple, efficient and user friendly. You can even try it for free to experience it firsthand.If you prefer to save your time, passbeemedia offers template which can easily be applied to any product and they are customizable saving time and effort.


Distribution and analysis:

This is where passbeemedia is most effective. You can use social platforms, emails, sms to target specific audiences for your advertisements. The range of customers is broad and this leads to better awareness of your campaign and products. With such a multi dimensional approach the customer base increases exponentially.

Now that your product is out there, passbeemedia will provide you surplus analytical tools to observe the growth of your market. Premium packages also include a detailed account manager, targeted passes, customer demographics and consultation.

The new age of marketing is upon us with multitude of companies, organizations, sports teams adopting passbook. With the user friendly, integrating passbook, distributing digital passes for your campaign has never been easier.

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