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Student ID Card Passbook Passes

The idea of a mobile wallet was one app which had an effect on our daily transactions similar to the one smart cards had for banking. Mobile wallets are generally an online container which stores different methods of payment typically using linked bank accounts allowing you transactions online. Mobile wallet helped remove a great deal of hassle in online shopping, but this was just the start of its productivity. Mobile wallet expanded by innovative applications such as google wallet and apple’s passbook which integrated mobile wallets into everyday life. Instead of just using your mobile wallet for online transactions you could now use them for purchasing tickets online, buying and selling products, for advertisements and promotions by utilizing coupons. Similarly these new age digital wallets allowed you to store membership and store cards which could be displayed whenever you visited your favorite store thus adding to its compatibility in our life.


Passbook ID cards:

Passbook has transformed the digital wallet industry by adding accessibility allowing you to use passbook for transactions with hundreds of businesses. This truly gives passbook an edge over other wallets and its user friendly interface provides ease for the most novel of users. Passbook introduces a revolutionary idea with digital ID cards stored in your passbook.

Instead of just membership and store cards passbook can now store your digital student ID card complete with your credentials, photo and unique bar code. This helps in protecting you from identity theft while allowing you to keep your ID card on you at all times. The digital ID card’s bar code can store information ranging from your grades to a record of attendance which allows you to monitor your progress. Adding unique features which help students, teachers and administration the passbook ID cards can change your on campus experience for the better.


Creating a student database:

ID cards are to be displayed when you enter the premises of the educational institution. Using the digital ID technology a student data base will be maintained and everytime a card is scanned you can be notified. This helps in getting a real time picture of every student who is present on the campus and adds to the security of the facility by keeping a check on the people present.


Ease for students:

Students can easily store their ID card on their passbooks rather than bringing it with them at all times. This is easy to use and can be helpful outside school as well with various outlets and businesses providing discounts and perks for students. The bar code can be scanned at anytime to prove its authenticity and this way your ID card can never be lost or damaged.



The digital ID card will help the school keep track of its students thus keeping an eye on miscreants and creating a safe and secure environment. Whenever the card will be scanned it will keep the record of the time and attendance of each student in their lectures as well as in school helping in managing and administrating the students.


Progress and cost management:

Using digital cards the cost of manufacturing and distribution can be cut thus helping the educational institution’s funds. It also helps the teachers to keep a record of students, their attendance and their grades by the information stored on their digital ID Cards bar code. It also helps students keep track of their attendance and helps them be aware of their grades and progress they are

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