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Passbook for Android By PassbeeMedia




Apple’s passbook represented a new way of marketing, storing and using coupons, cards, tickets, boarding passes etc. displayed as passes on your electronic device they could be utilized at any time and combined a mobile storage with a platform for advertising new offers. The response was great with most companies latching on to it but it was hindered by a specific problem. You could add passes but you couldn’t purchase it with your passbook as it didn’t integrate cash payments. That was before android introduced features of its own similar to passbook.

With google wallet, you can easily perform mobile transactions and now apps are present which assimilate passes with it. This makes android the best medium for mobile payments, shopping and advertising in one package. Its benefits as compared to passbook for iphone are immense and most importantly android system works on a multitude of devices as compared to just iphone and ipods in apple’s passbook. This automatically increases the marketing area with a better customer population which can be targeted using passes for android in place of apple’s passbook.

Currently there are a number of apps which can use passes for android and it’s hard to create and distribute them. Passbeemedia is the solution for creation and distribution of passes for android users. This Passbook for Android Offering distinct benefits such as an enhanced user base, pass creation, marketing and analytical tools


Revenue calculator:

Before selecting a plan, passbeemedia offers a service to plan ahead. Providing an easy to use revenue calculator you can find out the potential of your marketing campaign and the revenue it can bring by assimilating passbeemedia as your media marketing manager.


Passes creation:

Passes creation is a simple process using passbeemedia. With a dedicated pass creator, offering customization options which allow you to create a pass which represents your company. This produces an element of creativity in the usually bland mobile marketing. Your passes will be displayed with the logo and an introductory text in the notification bar of android devices so the image portrayed is essential. Templates are also available for all kind of passes which allows a pick and choose option too.


Location targeted marketing:

Passbeemedia allows businesses to target potential clients according to their locations. GPS fencing and beacons which transfer push notifications by Bluetooth display your advertisements when they are near and can display from sales to coupons available for transaction. This brings a real time element to your campaign and increases chances of customers returning. This service also benefits the clients who don’t need to remember or carry their sales coupons or tickets.


Multi platform Advertisement:

Passes created for android devices already enhance the range of potential customers, but by using passbeemedia, you can spread your passes through various means of communication like sms, email and social media platforms. Along with the ability of people to share passes among themselves, this enhances your scope for advertising.


Analytics and statistical tools:

Finally after starting your campaign, analyze your progress by statistical tools and analytical data provided to you by passbeemedia. This helps you control your marketing campaign and plan out your next step in the marketing world. Loyal customers also acquire quarterly consultation services from our experts and a dedicated account manager.


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