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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is basically what customers exhibit to various brands, services, stores and businesses. Basically customer loyalty is the customer or consumer trusting a particular business to provide the best service as compared to competition and maintain this service constantly. A loyal customer will come back to the particular business thus increasing business as well as advertising it by word of mouth. Marketing analysts estimate that repeated customers generate about 15 times profit as compared to new customers. This trust is gained not only just by good service, but a system which provides them incentives to come back.

Customer loyalty programs are business plans which reward customers for continuous use of their product by providing rewards and incentives. Typically the customers provide personal information for communication to the businesses such as phone numbers or their address. These programs benefit the customer as well as the businesses. Customers are given rewards for their continuous use or return while businesses establish a customer base which is loyal to their brand and can be easily informed of new offers or sales.

Passbeemedia integrates the digital wallet easily in your business and allows you to use apps such as passbook and google wallet. This gives you control over customer data, ease in analysis and it is profitable, as you save money spent on printing and distribution of these cards. There are a number of loyalty programs currently being applied in businesses with specific features such as:


Point systems:

Some businesses or merchants track their customers and provide points for each transaction they make in the store. Special cards are provided to the customers which are wither automatically or manually updated everytime they visit. Passbeemedia allows you to update the points of your customers online through scanning of a 2D bar code by the customer’s electronic device. It allows you to keep a system which is easily updated and convenient to the customer.


Premium membership cards:

Customers can purchase premium membership cards which offer them, discounts and certain perks if used. According to leading marketing analysts, about 50-75% of premium membership holders prefer to shop from the store which gave them the membership rather than other suppliers even if other suppliers provided better rates. It is human psychology which triggers them to go to the place where they bought the card just so it doesn’t go to waste. This is the reason that Premium membership cards are being provided by major retailers worldwide. Using passbeemedia, membership cards can be created which are stored in the customer’s digital wallet and is always at their disposal through their smart phones. This increases their chances of using it and increases sales.


Social media loyalty Programs:

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool if used properly. Instead of just posting ads which garner no attention, an interactional approach using social media platforms help establish your business and interact with your customers. Passbeemedia gives the freedom to interact with potential customers through facebook, twitter etc and add a more personal touch to your campaign.


There are numerous other ways to introduce loyalty cards in your business to enhance revenue and keep customers. Passbeemedia provides a digital solution providing you a loyalty program which is beneficial to sales, easy for customers and advantageous in analyzing consumer behavior.

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