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Loyalty Card App

Loyalty cards are a recent trend in marketing to solidify a loyal customer base. This system helps garner attention to your brand as well as maintaining old customers, enticing them to come back. Loyalty programs provide rewards in the forms of discounts, sales, and other perks for frequent customers. Information is collected from these customers and they are issued specific cards which have their info printed on them. On every visit or use of these cards, they are updated and points are collected, this data is kept by both the business and the customer. Once a certain level is reached, the customer can cash in on these points collected and use the offers available to him. It is an efficient system which allows you maintain data on customers for advertisements encourages customers to return and builds a special bond between the business and its customers.

Psychologically it has been a general observation that human beings prefer being in a group or part of a team. According to market research, the loyalty cards program uses this psyche and people prefer to buy from the same place as they feel that they have a special connection with the store. The incentive of discount also makes them believe that they save more money if they spend it in a store with a well presented loyalty program hence increasing revenue.

With popularity of digital wallets, from transactions to tickets, it is preferable to keep them in your smart phones as digital data. This data can be used anywhere in the physical world hence making your wallet obsolete. Digital wallets have recently been refined with apps such as google wallet and passbook which allow you to easily create online tickets, coupons and cards thus integrating these apps and digital wallets with your business. This allows you to use these apps and make loyalty card programs accessible to digital wallets.

Passbeemedia allows you to create these loyalty card programs which incorporate both google wallet and passbook along with majority of other digital wallets available. With a unique user friendly interface, you can create your online card which is issued to customers. It not only increases your aesthetic appeal but also cuts costs.


Reduced printing costs:

With an online loyalty card app system, frequent customers are issued online cards hence you save revenue which would have been used in publishing and distribution of the cards. It is easy to send and for the customers, it provides ease in storing these cards in their digital wallets rather than carrying them in their pockets.


Reduction in marketing budget:

The loyalty program system can be marketed from one smart phone to the other using the nature of digital wallet usage where it is easy to share these cards among other users. This helps in promotion of the product and brand thus cutting down costs previously being applied to marketing and advertisements.


Less wastage:

Studies show that card usage is 4 times higher of electronic cards rather than paper ones, hence less cards are wasted. Also it helps in building up a customer base which is loyal while attracting new customers.


Passbeemedia allows you complete freedom to build an online loyalty card campaign thus increasing revenue and satisfying your existing customer base. With increased marketing, enhanced customer returns and cost cuts loyalty cards supported through digital wallets are bound to rise.

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