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The PassbeeMedia Passbook for Android app is a one-stop destination to collect all your Android mobile coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, and digital ID’s. To save a Pass, simply click on the “Open in app” button from the mobile coupon, email campaign or other social media campaigns, and then select “Add”. The Pass is then saved and stored in your Passbook for Android app. Note: this application manages PassbeeMedia-generated Android-compatible Passbook mobile coupons, deals, offers, promotions, digital ID’s & event tickets. PassPocket will only save Passes created from PassbeeMedia’s platform and will not save Passes from non-Passbook links/webpages/document formats.

  • Optimized for HD and Full-HD Android devices
  • Store and manage coupons, deals, offers, promotions, movie tickets, digital ID cards, and loyalty cards
  • Location-based reminders
  • Time-based reminders
  • Native full HD QR reader

How to add a Pass to Passbeemedia passbook:

  1. Install Passbeemedia Passbook in Android devices
  2. Download *.pkpass or open *.pkpass file in the file manager
  3. Pass will be added in Passbeemedia Passbook

We provide free pass update API for Passbeemedia passbook to Passbook service provider now, please contact with “Passbook” is the registered trademark of Apple Inc. passbook android

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