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Digital Wallet Management Solution





The advent of smart chip cards for banking and transactions, changed the world. Introducing an easy to use and simple system, it was adopted quickly and became ubiquitous in a few years. Digital wallets present the utility and easy to completely overhaul every day transactions once again. Digital wallets convert your physical assets, cards, coupons, tickets and all your essentials into digital data stored in your smart phone. this allows you to interact with businesses, buy and share various services on the go.

Digital wallets were used just for online transactions previously and they worked just like online bank accounts. Utilizing on the fact that cell phones are present with people all the time, changes were introduced to integrate mobile wallets in your daily life style. The goal was to gradually reduce the need for wallets all together and create a seamless system which allows you the freedom to completely replace your wallet. Transactions were made much easier and businesses quickly assimilated the mobile wallet system in their businesses.

The first step towards bringing digital wallets to the mainstream was the introduction of google wallet and passbook apps, which encouraged digital wallet usage through an easy interface and simple supervision of your coupons, tickets and cards in your electronic devices. Consider not having to take out your wallet or worrying about saving cards, tickets or coupons ever again. Every store you visit, can upload a coupon or card through simple scanning of a bar code. Similarly instead of setting up reminders for yourself to buy and save tickets for an important trip, you can hold these tickets in your cell phone which can be used anytime.

The digital wallet system can easily be applied and implemented by businesses ranging from small stores to established brands. Managing large scale application of digital wallet can be daunting, but with the help of passbeemedia it is stress-free and efficient. Passbeemedia offers unique advantages such as a simple interface, free trial and live updates of usage.


Management of Revenue:

Passbeemedia offers a revenue calculator which can provide an estimate for the increase in profits when you integrate the digital wallet system with your business. It showcases the potential your business holds and progress which is just one step away.


Managing Customer Base:

The biggest advantage of digital wallet system for companies, is being able to view statistics and analytics of their product and effectiveness of their campaigns using tools provided by passbeemedia. This allows you to target a certain niche of customers by studying their behavior and adopt a marketing strategy which is flexible and unique. New customers can also be introduced to your products by specialized marketing using sms, notifications and social media.


Management of Brand Image:

Digital wallet adoption for business help you set up your company as progressive and provident of the new trends. Adopting digital wallet technology adds a level of sophistication which separates your company from the rest.


As more companies adopt this technology, Use of digital wallets will become universal. Increasing safety of the customers and providing additional functions to the businesses, this utility is a glimpse of the future.

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