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Digital Event Tickets

You need to go watch your favorite band at a concert, your favorite team play or even watch a new movie. You need to purchase tickets for all three. Now tickets are a aprt of our culture and everyday life but they pose a difficulty for life in the fast lane. You always have to go through a series of steps to confirm and use the. First find a vendor, go to the place of transaction and purchase it. Next keep the ticket safe until you need to use it, and finally show it and avail the service you bought. Faced with problems such as not being able to purchase them on time or misplacing them, they end up being an inconvenience.


Imagine an app which allows you to keep your schedule and tickets in your pocket at all times without any extra burden. Not only that, it reminds you to use your ticket and can be displayed whenever you see fit. The cherry on the cake is that you don’t even need to go anywhere to buy them. Apple’s “Passbook” is the app which changes your lifestyle for the better. Passbook is the digital representation of your wallet where you can store all the bits and pieces of paper you usually keep such as tickets, loyalty cards, coupons etc. as passes. Passbook enables you to use these passes whenever you see fit thus providing flexibility and ease to your every day life.

Passbook’s first real time use was for storing digital event tickets. Companies like MLB latched on to passbook calling it the future, and even considering to completely move their ticketing system online. The reason why companies are so eager for passbook ticketing is because of its features which benefit customers as well as businesses. Digital tickets cut down prices when it comes to printing ang distributing them. They are available on a click of a button, other than that they provide accurate data on the number of people who purchase it and even about advertisements which pushed them to buy the said tickets. Hence it Is better for marketing, advertising and data analysis.


How can you integrate passbook in your business? Its simple and efficient through Passbeemedia. Passbeemedia offers a premier pass creation, distribution and analysis service allowing you to fully utilize the potential off passbook. Passbeemedia solves the main problems faced when using printed tickets in three easy steps:


Step one:

Tickets have always seemed bland and boring. With passbeemedia you can change that outlook and create tickets which represent your event be it a rock concert or a training program. Carrying more space for information passes can be created which include more information as compared to paper tickets. With addition of images and colors tickets can be made to look catchy and memorable.


Step Two:

Selecting advertisements and marketing goals can ruin even the best of events, passbeemedia solves it by taking a multi platform approach rather than a limited one. The passes made are then sent to potential customers using sms, email, push notifications and social media. With digital passes its easier to purchase the event ticket online, this helps to provide live input about the number of tickets being sold and it presents a progressive image of your company.


Step 3:

Passbeemedia solves the problem of people misplacing tickets by reminding them of the event when they are near the specified location withit’s GPS fencing and location based technology. This helps in increasing the number of people who actually use their tickets while providing customer’s comfort of not worrying about them.

Passbeemedia support, interaction and after sales customer support makes creating digitized tickets easy and seamless. As passbook is accepted by more companies worldwide, the spread of digitalized tickets will increase. Accepting this change and assimilating them into your business today can give you a competitive advantage and an edge over other companies as well.

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