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Customer Loyalty Cards

In marketing cards are referred to a card which signifies the user to be a loyal customer and he then enjoys certain benefits using the said card whenever he returns to the shop or service. These programs enhance the buying behavior and reward to a specific service from the same store. Gaining popularity in many countries, the only problem they pose is carrying them around. Typically made of plastic with bar codes on, in the life of an average individual they quickly pile up and exceed the carrying capacity of your wallet. They are also easily lost and forgotten when a bunch of them are collected.


Passbook, an app developed by apple offers a unique mobile wallet which solves the problems coupons, cards, tickets etc pose. Passes are digital representation of information which are usually stored as cards or paper, which you can download, buy, share on your iphone and ipods and use in the physical world. This is especially helpful to stores who are trying to build up their customer base and brands attempting to compete in the market. Instead of the customers carrying a plethora of cards every card is stored on their apple device. Easily accessible, always handy and easy to use it is on the way to completely replace old fashioned cards.


In addition to just the convenience of customers, passes allow creativity and ease to the businesses as well. Allowing instant recognition of sales, it is much more accurate to judge market data and the flexibility In designs help to create perfect passes to represent your offers. Making and distributing passes is easy but to get the full potential out of pass book, is the key.


Offering a flexible plan, multitude of options and analytical/statistical analysis gives your marketing campaign a dynamic edge as compared to the competition. While cards usually have a bland look and appeal, loyalty cards in forms of passes can be personalized to attract the customer and encourage devotion towards a certain product.


Revenue calculator:

Business is all about profit. Following this principle offers you access to a simple to use revenue calculator which can be used to check the increase in returns you will gain using’s services. This helps you chose one of the several plans offered, ranging from a free trial to the premium package. Each plan comes with its benefits and you have the freedom to try our product before purchasing a plan.


Location based services:

With loyalty cards the main purpose is to bring the customers back. With GPS fencing and location based services offered by passbeemedia your customers will be notified when they are nearby. This promotes awareness and makes customers recall about the offers they could purchase using the loyalty card.


Image and design:

Every pass you create using will bear your brand logo, colors and text which you select. Offering customization of cards and even options to preview it yourself or send it to specific people, it is a flexible service offered by


Marketing and advertisement:

Passbeemedia offers marketing of your business using different frontiers increasing the effectiveness. Using passbook’s ability to share passes, it utilizes all platforms of communication suc as sms, push notifications and email to promote your brand. It also includes analytical tools and expert consultation to provide sustainable services.


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