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Carrying money has always been a bother. So with time various stores introduced store cards, which were purchased by paying a fixed amount and could be utilized just by swapping when you bought anything at that store. Now gradually when all stores and businesses started adopting this trend, this gave us another problem. Just like money the amount of store cards to carry became too much. They were easy to misplace and keeping all cards from all stores was inefficient and problematic.


To solve this dilemma, apple introduced passbook, an app which combines all the cards, tickets and coupons you use in the real world into digital information stored in your phone or ipod. These could be used in the place where the transaction occurred and offered unique benefits which excited customers and developers alike.

Customers obviously had the benefit to avoid carrying a collection of cards everytime they left the house for shopping. Developers and entrepreneurs obtained a more efficient way to promote the purchase and use of store cards. Adopting the system of passes, various companies like MLB, Starbucks, Mcdonlads encouraged customers to use passbook, enhancing their image and predicting the emergence of mobile market place. offers templates for existing store cards and options to create your own at its unique design interface and website. With options ranging from color of your pass to the text on it, the smallest details are easily created on The procedure from creating passes to managing your marketing campaign is all handled by passbeemedia, offering you analytical and consultation support during and after your use.


Concepts and creation:

Easy to use interface offering templates of store cards are available on passbeemedia which you can just pick and chose or create your own from scratch. The procedure Is user friendly with guidance at every step. Offering free demo and trial periods, passbeemedia encourages you to try it out yourself with no hidden charges.

Pass creation process has customization options which can be used to create a pass which portrays your brand image and enhances its appeal. This creativity can be an edge compared to mundane plastic cards which are being used.


Package plans:

Each store has a specific limit to the customers it can support. Keeping this in mind, passbeemedia offers package plans which range from free to premium packages. Each package has its own perks and characteristics and you can choose according to your need.


Location based services:

Many customers forget they own a store card, preventing them from using it. Our location based services and GPS fencing reminds them by displaying your pass on their home screen when they approach your location. This encourages customer return and increase in usage of passes as compared to regular cards.


Marketing and analysis:

Multi tier marketing strategy is applied by passbeemedia. Your store cards, the offers and rates will be pushed across sms, email, social media and push notifications increasing your advertising campaign. Moreover analytical tools to study your progress and customer response are offered along with expert consultation. This makes passbeemedia the whole package for application and marketing of your store cards and creating a buzz online as well as in the physical medium of publicity.


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