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Low energy Bluetooth technology have created a new pathway for inter device communication without using any wireless networking. On previous smart phones, the Bluetooth consumed battery life in an alarming rate which was why that most users preferred to switch it off. This issue has been resolved in modern generation smartphones where the Bluetooth technology has been shifted to low energy thus allowing your device to communicate at all times. This has led to a new and exciting Bluetooth enabled communication device called, “ibeacon.”

Before ibeacon GPS and wifi technology was used to communicate with devices in close proximity. These had inherent disadvantages such as:


Battery drainage:

GPS and wifi drain a lot of battery life thus most users prefer to switch it off. This is a hindrance for devices which communicate through just GPS and wifi.



GPS of common smartphones mostly stop working underground, in basements or subway stations etc. similarly wifi is hard to set up.

These problems can be solved by ibeacon using low energy Bluetooth, which can be accessible to devices nearby and interact with them, providing promos and coupons so that customers nearby are enticed to visit or shop at your outlet.

Making ibeacon technology even more efficient is “Gemtot USB iBeacon.” Most ibeacons have to be battery powered and you need to purchase the beacons to set up at specific points. Hence they need to be taken care of and are very conspicuous. Gemtot USB ibeacon is a tiny USB device that utilizes ibeacon technology which can be powered by any USB power source. It has a specific range  at which it can communicate with customers and trigger their devices to prompt them about various promotions, sales and coupons which can be availed at your store.


Gemtot USB ibeacon technology provides the following advantages:


Information during shopping:

With Gemtot USB ibeacon’s personalized messages being pushed to customers in proximate areas, it is much easier to provide information about various products available and their specialities. This allows customers to quickly make decisions and help them to browse through the items.


Instant purchase:

Ibeacon technology can also be used to purchase what you want directly from your electronic device. This saves you time, and allows more transactions for the business.


Ease and reliability:

With battery powered technology of Gemtot USB ibeacons, they are reliable and easy to use removing the hassles of changing their batteries. Similarly as they can be set up with a simple USB outlet there is no need to create specialized outlets to plug it in, so they take less space and provide comfort to both customers and businesses.


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