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Passbook & Apple Pay Let You Say Good-Bye to Plastic.

Apple Pay

What is Apply Pay? How Apple Passbook works with Apple pay?

Apple has always brought revolutionary products at each release. Now with the introduction of the new IOS, there have been exciting announcements of the new iphone and apple watch. The most impressive and potentially game changer is the new apple pay system. The use of mobile wallets has been on a rise since a number of companies offered the option of digital payments. The default inclusion of passbook by apple is an indication of the importance apple gives to digital payment methods. The passbook was a step in the right direction supported by a number of large enterprises, but it failed to create the large impact as was expected. With apple pay the whole payment method has been revamped with new features and the most simple and user friendly method ever introduced.

Passbook was a glimpse of the future and apple pay is a solid step ahead. Combining apple pay and passbook adds security and applicability to digital payments and creates an environment where the digital cards or contemporary wallets seem redundant. Supported by thousands of apps and thousands of stores worldwide, the stage is set for digital payments to take the forefront.

Passbook integration:

The passbook was a great initiative but it didn’t include the major credit and debit card functions which electronic cards offered. The apple pay is integrated with the passbook offering simple solutions. Passbook already stored your tickets, passes etc. now the credit or debit cards can be stored directly. The addition of information is seamless from itunes, manually or even adding by just taking the picture of the card. Now all the major card companies and banks include apple pay integration so it solves the problem which hindered the growth of passbook beforehand.

User friendly innovations:

The new near field communication antenna in iphone 6 helps you skip the reading, swiping and waiting. It allows payments by literally one buttion press. For payments the iphone needs to be near the contactless reader and you just keep your finger on the touch id. The touch id helps recognize the owner accurately and the payment is indicated by a subtle vibration and beep. This innovative method not only is savvy and easy to use, it also fully capitalizes on the touch id of the new iphone thus adding a new layer of security. If you add apple watch to the equation you don’t even need to take out your phone. Double clicking the button next to the digital crown and holding the face near the reader confirms your payments.

Safe and secure:

The most essential feature is the added security in apple pay. Instead of just using your data, a unique device account number is allocated and stored in a dedicated chip on iphone 6 and apple watch. As the data isn’t stored on the Apple server, its safe from online attacks. This provides a peace of mind to the users who are unsure if the digital payment methods are as safe as advertised.

The major credit cards.
With the same major benefits.

Apple Pay works with most of the major credit and debit cards from the top U.S. banks. Just add your participating cards to Passbook and you’ll continue to get all the rewards, benefits, and security of your cards.

Participating Banks.

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