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Apple Passbook App Advantages

On paper Passbook is an application in iOS which allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, “generic” cards and other forms of mobile payments. Actually passbook is much more than just a mobile wallet. It has opened a gateway for advertisers to interact with their customers, entice them with offers, allow them freedom and make the most boring aspect of shopping i.e. paying into a fresh and fun experience.

Already installed on almost all iPhones, following apple’s trend it is extremely user friendly and efficient. The consumers enjoy liberty in handling their coupons, tickets etc and passes even provide location based services for the users convenience.


Passbeemedia is an interactive site which gives entrepreneurs and established brands alike to forego out dated procedures of giving out paper coupons and adopt the method of passbook. In its easy to use interface, tutorials, multitude of options and statistical tools, takes care of the developing side of sending passes. All you have to do is pick and choose what you want. is miles ahead of similar services by a multitude of reasons which cater the developers and beginners alike.


Free trial: offers a free demo and a trial for anyone who wants to experience how it’s done. It is easy to start and you get hooked instantly with it’s colorful interface and options. This takes us to another great feature of



The main feature which distinguishes it from old coupons is the customization of passes. You can choose what you want your pass looks like, from the colors and text to the smallest of details. This gives the passes an aesthetic appeal and it gives the supplier liberty to portray it’s brand image. gives you the choice of designing your own pass or selecting one of the templates offered for various kinds of businesses. From boarding passes to coupons and tickets, each category has a variety of templates with customization options. This way you can create passes that impress and bolster the image of your product at first sight.



Milan Kundera said : “Business has only two functions- Marketing and Innovation.” Apple Passbook offers innovation in itself but uses it and provides unparalleled marketing on various fronts.  Offering geofencing and Location based marketing it’s easy for you to select when and where your customers view your offer. Along with marketing in social media, sms and push technology the reach of your product enhances momentously.


Statistical Tools and Customer service:

To judge the progress and growth of your campaign offers statistical tools at your disposal at every step. Premium customers have detailed analytics, a dedicated account managed among other facilities. Regular clients get consultations from our experts which help you expand your brand name and image.


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook calls mobile payments an immature market just getting started, but the reponse for passbook has been unprecedented. Organizations like MLB, Airbnb, Starbucks and Mcdonalds are offering coupons and gift cards through passbook with success. The adoption rates of passbook for tickets is even more amazing. This is the future of marketing and passbeemedia offers the most convenience to implement it.

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