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Transit Tickets


Passbook is an iOS application which provides a mobile wallet to store coupons, passes, event tickets, store cards with various mobile payments. Mobile wallets existed before but they were hindered by a complicated interface and few companies which integrated mobile wallets into their payment systems. Apple’s passbook changed this perception by providing a user friendly mobile wallet which included not only online transactions but cloud storage for saving all the other things you carry in your wallet.

Apple’s passbook has various features that makes it the most accessible app for storing event or travel tickets and boarding passes. With your tickets stored in passbook you always have them with you. Additional features compliment this for example:


2-D Bar codes:

Usage of tickets is safe and secure as your passbook will save the ticket with a unique 2-D bar code. You just need to get it scanned at the entry and gain access. As we always have our cell phones with us it provides additional security as well as convenience.


Location and time triggered:

The tickets saved in passbook can be set to be location or time triggered i.e. you will receive a notification on your cell phone when you approach the area where the ticket is to be used. Time triggering notifies you at a certain time about the ticket and time of the event so you wouldn’t miss it.


Convenient for businesses:

Instead of printing and distributing, tickets can be created online and sold through the internet. This is convenient for businesses, time and cost saving. It also provides an easy method to keep track of the tickets sold.


Within busy cities, personal conveyance can prove to be expensive and hard to manage. Hence transit systems are used daily by millions of people world wide. They are convenient, on time and easy to use. The only hassle is buying tickets every day for using the transit. Passbook allows you to store these tickets in your cell phone which you can manage online and scan them at the transit station any time you want. Passbeemedia allows businesses like transits to create online tickets or “passes” as it is referred to, integrating passbook with your conventional payment methods.

Passbeemedia allows certain benefits such as:


Various payment plans:

The payments plans vary according to the size and requirement of your sector. This allows businesses to choose the tariff they need or even get a free trial before moving on to payment plans.


Easy ticket creation:

Everything from the logo and text in the front , a unique bar code and the colors as well can be altered to create a perfect ticket which is aesthetically pleasing and represents your service. Passbeemedia allows you create such tickets and even add further details on the back of such passes.



The location based services require GPS, but mostly in underground subways the GPS is either inaccurate or doesn’t display your position. Ibeacon uses Bluetooth to send messages directly to the cell phones anywhere using a movable beacon which can be placed anywhere. Passbeemedia allows integration of this technology with your passes so that each customer will be notified on their cell phone about the options to use passbook instead of tickets.

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