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Stamp Cards Loyalty

Market research has shown that the amount of revenue made by customers who regularly visit any franchise is much more than the revenue collected if the same number of new customers shopped there. This showed a definite pattern that if the customers returns to a shop he is confident that he will get good service and quality products. This mentality makes him buy more and thus earn more profit for the shop. Other than that, frequent customers help attract others by personally recommending the business to their friends and family. To maintain a customer base, loyalty cards can be helpful.


Loyalty cards are a recent trend in marketing to solidify a loyal customer base. This system helps garner attention to your brand as well as maintaining old customers, enticing them to come back. Loyalty programs provide rewards in the forms of discounts, sales, and other perks for frequent customers. Information is collected from these customers and they are issued specific cards which have their info printed on them. On every visit or use of these cards, they are updated and points are collected, this data is kept by both the business and the customer. Once a certain level is reached, the customer can cash in on these points collected and use the offers available to him. It is an efficient system which allows you maintain data on customers for advertisements encourages customers to return and builds a special bond between the business and its customers.


Loyalty stamp cards can easily be stored in your mobile wallets allowing you access and usage at all times. The loyalty cards stored can easily be used at the shop to keep a record of your visits and allow you to utilize it to gain your gift or perk. This allows you freedom to keep all loyalty cards in your phone instead of carrying them around. It also adds benefits to the employer who obtains a more efficient system of rewarding points and maintaining records. Moreover it saves a lot of money on printing and publishing such cards as online options are cheaper and much more convenient.

Passbeemedia allows you to create unique loyalty cards which can be created from scratch and sent through a multitude of platforms. Creating loyalty passes is an easy process using passbeemedia. It consists of a number simple steps:


Choosing a plan:

Passbeemedia offers various plans from which you choose one that suits your business needs. It also offers a free trial to try before you buy.


Online card creator:

The online loyalty card can be chosen from a variety of templates given or created from scratch. You have the liberty to choose from a wide spectrum of colors and style for the card’s background and the text. The image and brand logo can also be set up so that the card is recognizable. The front of the card contains other vital information for the card.

Like the front of the card, the back holds additional information and may include links to the company’s website which allows you to browse and purchase using just your mobile wallets.


Card distribution:

Finally when your card is ready distribute it using email, sms and social media. This allows a multi ranged coverage and helps attract customers to your business.

Also offering location based services, passbeemedia remind customers about their loyalty tickets whenever they are close to your business using gps fencing and ibeacons thus utilizing both GPS and Bluetooth technology to send push notifications which appear on the customer’s home screen. This increases the chances of utilization of the card and helps garner more support for the business.


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