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Reach a Greater Advertising Audience with Passbook

For decades, businesses have used advertisements and commercials to get the word out about what they offer. Today, more and more businesses are taking advantage of advertising online. After all, this is where most people see ads these days. Many people are online more than they are watching television or reading magazines and newspapers, so business owners need to reach out to them so that they will notice the ads. This is where PassbeeMedia comes in. Users can create and send out offers that are mobile-ready for Apple Passbook, Google, and Samsung Wallet. When consumers are online with their mobile devices, they will be able to see these ads.

This is a mobile marketing platform that offers a wide range of features. You will be able to use QR code coupons, digital tickets, digital wallets, text messaging, iBeacon, shortened URL’s, loyalty programs, and more. It is easy to use as well. The first thing you need to do is choose one of four pricing plans. The plan you choose will depend on the size and nature of your business. Once you have your package, then you build your offer, using professionally designed templates so you can customize the campaign. Next, you take advantage of everything that social media has to offer, as well as SMS and email, and start advertising to potential clients. You can even track your offers with the PassbeeMedia analytic dashboard.

PassbeeMedia is available in a free 30-day trial version. With this free trial, you can have as many as 25 passes, one template, analytics, and email support. When the trial is over, you can choose from Premium plans that start at just $149.00 per month. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the additional business the coupons are going to generate for your business. There are also Pro and Max plans, which cost $269/month and $449/month. These plans offer many more features, and are great for medium to large size businesses. There is also the Enterprise Edition, which is available for larger corporations.

Also from PassbeeMedia is the Passbook for Android app. This allows your potential customers to not only receive your coupons and other promotions, but to be able to organize them. Everyone loves coupons, and not just those who are on tight budgets. Many of the wealthiest people in the world will jump at the chance to get a discount on something. It’s almost like a challenge for some people. This is something you can take advantage of, and use to the benefit of your business. Don’t worry about losing a bit of money by offering discount coupons. The repeat business you earn will more than compensate for what you spend, and this is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools you will ever use.

Passbook is an app that allows people to gather coupons made with PassbeeMedia and store them for later. Passbook will notify users whenever they are near to one of the businesses that is offering a coupon. This makes it easy to use coupons, because people won’t feel like they have to go out of their way to get a good deal. There are also notifications for deals that have restrictions or time constraints. This is great, because it eliminates clutter since only the non-expired coupons aren’t being stored. Collecting and storing coupons is simple, and it can be done with the app button or the QR enabled camera. Even those who aren’t very tech oriented will have no problem using this app. Users are happy with the design, and really love the wide range of coupons they receive.

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