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Passbook Store Cards

Store cards are prepaid electronic cards which can be bought and used just like ATM cards at the store from which they are purchased. Shopping using these cards provide discounts and are easily purchased and sent as gifts to friends and family. Gradually when all stores and businesses started adopting this trend, this created a problem for customers as they were barraged by store cards from each and every business out there. This made them easy to misplace and reduced the usage of store cards damaging the businesses issuing them.


Apple introduced passbook a mobile wallet which digitized all information held previously as pieces of paper and cards in your wallet. These cards, tickets, coupons were stored as passes in the apple cloud storage of passbook. They could be used in the place where the transaction occurred and offered unique benefits which excited customers and developers alike.
Customers obviously had the benefit to avoid carrying a collection of cards everytime they left the house for shopping. Businesses obtained a more efficient way to promote the purchase and use of store cards. Adopting the system of passes, various companies like MLB, Starbucks, Mcdonlads encouraged customers to use passbook, enhancing their image and predicting the emergence of mobile market place.
Adding passbook compatible online store cards provide certain benefits to the business, its image and the customers. Some of the advantages are as follows:


Ease of customers:

Customers have the convenient choice to keep store cards in their mobile phones instead of carrying them. Research has also shown that this increases the chances of utilization of cards.


Cost saving:

The printing and distribution costs are cut while using passbook cards, this helps in saving revenue for the business while promoting a progressive image of the store.

Location based targeting:

Passbook has the advantage of services such as ibeacon and location based GPS targeting. These services remind the customers about the store cards they have in their passbook when they are near the point of transaction. So instead of just cards laying to waste forgotten in their wallets, these notifications and reminders help increase chances of usage and thus promote customer’s return.

Customer data:

By using passbook to integrate store cards, you get a live feed of the cards which are being used thus helping you understand customer behavior. It also provides you information on how to plan your next campaign by looking at the statistics obtained by the types of store cards utilized.



Multi tier marketing strategy is applied by passbook. Your store cards, the offers and rates will be pushed across sms, email, social media and push notifications increasing your advertising campaign. This makes passbook the whole package for application and marketing of your store cards and creating a buzz online as well as in the physical medium of publicity

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