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How PassBeeMedia Saves Your Website From Online Fraud?

Online Advertising:

Evolution of business with the internet had a domino effect for areas which are attached to it. It changed advertisement, marketing and the general outlook towards how a business can reach out towards its customers. With easier and flexible payment options allowing you to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer, the internet market has been thriving.

Interest in Sites like amazon, e-bay not only in developed countries but all over the world shows the changing trends. Gone are the days when buying and selling on the internet was considered risky or dangerous.

Advertisements and marketing are also coping with this change by adjusting to the situation with new ideas and core strategies. Online advertising business is thriving and has developed into a multi million dollar industry.


Advent of Banner ads:

In simple terms, online advertising is usually posting advertisements on popular websites and blogs which have the potential to reach a wider audience. This is a convenient and efficient way to post ads rather than billboards on various roads or on the print media for a number of reasons.

These ads mostly displayed as banners on the websites are called “banner ads”, and the main function which enhances their utility is their adaptability. The ads are not just fixed spaces for same messages, rather these banners analyze the user’s geographic location, their search query and other information to present a banner ad which has the most probability to interest the user.

An example is, if a user has searched for a car, the banner ad will display spare part shops or other items related to the item which can be accessed near the location of the user. So while billboards are fixed, the banner ads are adaptable. Banner ads when clicked transport the user to the business’s website in form of pop ups or new tabs.


Pay per click method:

To display the ads, three parties are involved: the website owner known as the publisher, the business which wants to advertise and the advertising company. The advertising company acts as a bridge between the publisher and the business. The business hires the advertising company and explains the aim of the advertising campaign and goals. The advertising company then selects various publishers to display the banner ads.

The success of the ad campaign is judged by the number of times users click on the ad and the advertising company is paid according to that number. The advertising company then shares the profits with the publishers. This method is known as pay per click method.


Fraudulent Clicks:

The problem of fraudulent clicks arise because the advertising company and marketing company is not judged on the ROI or return of investment, but the number of times an ad will be clicked. This prompts dishonest companies to find ways to keep clicking the banner ads multiple times, emulating actual users.

Obviously these clicks are meaningless as they do not represent users who were interested in the products but are just means to increase the number of total clicks. This damages the business, as payments will be made to the advertising company yet no goals of the marketing campaign will be achieved, with no increase in the investment.


Fraudulent clicks using Botnets:

There are a number of ways these fraudulent clicks can be carried out. The first method is to manually hire personnel to keep clicking these ads. This kind of hiring can be done internationally for cheap rates and is easier to monitor and carry out.

The second is more sophisticated. Bots are used to automatically mimic actual users and click on these ads multiple times. There isn’t any sure fire way to prove clicks by bots and this presents the problem. Using bots thousands of clicks can be generated in mere hours. This is disastrous for the business which is paying for each click and getting zero return in the investment.

The dishonest companies usually mix bots with actual clicks to make detection even more difficult. Research has given alarming figures that more than 11 billion dollars will be wasted on fraudulent clicks and botnets.


No system to regulate fraudulent clicks:

Regulations against fraudulent clicks are under consideration and the industry is working to develop new systems for monitoring and control of this fraud but these will be long term solutions in a fast changing industry.

To keep up with the competition, online advertising is a must and there is a dire need for a way to monitor and assess if the money invested in advertising is actually being utilized or not.


Passbeemedia’s solution:

Passbeemedia offers an effective and timely alternative to the hassle of advertising companies and the risks businesses take to hire them. Passbeemedia is an industry leader in developing Pass technology which helps business build, market and distribute offers to customers.

Passbeemedia allows merchants & advertisers to develop their passes which are multi faceted, acting as coupons, tickets, advertisements etc, and distribute them easily. The distribution can be online or using bluetooth technology, integrating ibeacons.


Using analytics to judge clicks:

There are two major ways PassbeeMedia’s technology can combat online click fraud.

First, when an online ad (banner, email, social, video) is clicked by an actual user, our technology detects the originating click’s operating system whether it came from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Our solution then sends the appropriate Pass that can be consumed by the device.

By implementing PassbeeMedia in conjunction with online ads, an advertiser can explore media buys that incorporate a “CPM+” model, whereby the advertiser pays a lower CPM but includes a “bonus” for every Pass downloaded.

This would be a win-win for advertisers (which get a true “deliverable” (i.e., a Pass on a consumer’s smartphone) and for publishers (a revenue model that provides an achievable hybrid success model instead of the difficult-to-monitor & quantify model of Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Conversion). By defining “success” as “delivered Pass to mobile device” instead of “click”, this can potentially minimize how bots defraud advertisers.

Second, PassbeeMedia’s advanced analytics capabilities is another promising feature for combatting fraudulent clicks is the analytics division of passbeemedia. Passbeemedia analyzes your ad campaign and provides you data to track the passes sent, passes used and the way in which these passes are distributed.

Along with this, geographic data highlighting the areas where the passes have been received is also provided which proves to be a godsend. This analytical data is the only weapon businesses have against click fraud. The only weakness in the fraudulent click system is the fact that these clicks when generated by bots or by people, are in a large number from the same place. Now using the geographical and analytical tools of Passbeemedia it is possible for businesses to track down passes and analyze where these passes are sent or received.


Other services by Passbeemedia:

This information removes the doubts or chances of any fraudulent clicks. With the ability to track each pass, there is no need to seek hundreds of publishers to advertise your product. You can research the feasibility of the campaign and observe how well your campaign is doing. Passbeemedia also provides customer service, account management and consultations if needed from experts in advertising and marketing. A small number of passes directed at specific groups of people have a much better chance of gaining customers than spamming hundreds of websites. Moreover customers have become immune to the constant banner ads and pop ups. Passes designed and distributed by Passbeemedia add a somewhat new and personal feel to the ad campaign.


Passbeemedia and its role to increase ROI:

Advertisement is a must. There cannot be any successful business without a successful marketing strategy. The returns in investment can only be increased with changing concepts of ads and adding a system of evaluation and control which is only offered by Passbeemedia. Utilizing this system, the hassles of publishers, advertising companies, bots will be a thing of the past and the only future will be of clarity in online advertisement and marketing.

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