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Mobile Wallet Cloud Solutions

Mobile wallets are the future of transactions and advertisements alike. They have the potential to change the way we shop just as ATM cards did for the banking system. Mobile wallets such as google wallet, Samsung wallet and passbook allow you to store the bits and pieces of paper carried around in our wallet. Instead of keeping cards, passes, tickets etc in our pockets we can store all of them on our electronic devices as digital data. This digital data can be utilized in the physical world, this allows you to relax and not to worry about your essentials when you have your mobile phone on you.

Mobile wallets offer a personalize experience where managing your coupons, tickets and passes are simple and efficient. You can add them by scanning the 2 D bar codes present with your phone camera and upload them to your account. When the transaction spot is reached, your pass can be utilized and allows you access to a variety of services.

The mobile clouds are synchronized with all your devices thus giving you freedom to access your account wherever you are. Many companies recognizing this new media’s potential have added compatibility to Google and Samsung wallets. To add coupons, tickets, vouchers you just need to click add to Samsung wallet and it will automatically synchronize with all your devices logged on by your Samsung account. This helps increase customer-business interaction and paves way for effective and fast transactions.

Various such features bring a new dimension to advertising as well. Using advertising and marketing on mobile wallets, one can interact with the customer base directly according to their interests and locations. Passbeemedia can be that bridge connecting you to countless potential customers. Passbeemedia is an easy to use service which offers marketing of your product to various mobile wallet services. Adding various convenient features it can effectively expand your user base and provide you incredible features.


Personalized interactions:

Sending a direct message to the customer adds a more personal touch to the usually mundane spam like advertisements. It can be used to increase customer loyalty by offering rewards and perks through mobile wallet interactions.


Easy creation:

Offering a convenient content creator where you customize everything from the colors to the texts of your offers. Passbeemedia provides templates for separate businesses which you can choose or let your creativity run wild. With this feature your brand image can be portrayed as you want, adding creativity and spark as compared to every day advertisements.



Location based targeting:

With mobile wallets you carry all your coupons in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you will remember when to use them, or even have a count of how many you currently possess. With GPS fencing and location based services, passbeemedia allows you to choose when to remind those potential customers to access their coupons/passes. As they approach the location of your business, the advertisement will be displayed in the notification bar, hence promoting customer returns and better usage of your online discounts. Also offering push messages through Bluetooth beacons which can connect with people who have gps disabled, this provides great opportunities for new stores and established brands.



Marketing and Analytical tools:

Notifications about the offers can be sent through many mediums such as sms, email, push notifications and social media websites through passbeemedia. Attracting more customers, passbeemedia also allows you to keep tab of your progress and effectiveness of the campaign through analytical tools. Also offering dedicated account managers with quarterly expert consultations, passbeemedia is an essential tool to enhance your marketing potential.

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