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Manage Passbook Passes

Passbook for apple, google and Samsung wallet for androids have revolutionized the way people shop. Instead of carrying wallets which included cards, coupons, tickets etc, everything is now stored in your smart phones.  These digital wallets represent your physical belongings in form of digital data and can be utilized anywhere if you have your smart phone with you. This creates convenience for the consumer while allows the business to maintain a hassle free system.

Passbeemedia allows you to create and manage passes for your businesses. These passes maybe coupons, tickets, royalty or stamp cards and even boarding passes. This helps you maintain an online database of the passes used and has a number of other uses. Passbeemedia’s advantages in managing your passes are as follows:


Pass notification:

Every time a pass is utilized, you database is updated. Passbeemedia allows you to view the passes sent and their usage through simple interface. This will help you understand customer behavior eg. What kind of offers garner what kind of response and adjust accordingly.


Distribution of passes:

Each product has a specific fan base. Using passbeemedia’s multi tier approach you can pick and choose the medium perfect for you. Each pass can be distributed through email, sms, social platforms or even push notifications.


Location based advertising:

Passbeemedia allows you to select the areas in which the notification for your pass will be displayed. These location based services help remind the customer that the pass he has can be used nearby and increases the chances of the consumer using it. GPS fencing can also be used which tracks the users by their GPS and sends notifications accordingly.


Managing statistics:

The data obtained from your marketing campaign can be analyzed by using Passbeemedia’s superior analytical and statistical tools provided. These help in understanding the data obtained and selecting the best course of action. Passbeemedia also offers quarterly consultations which helps customers increase revenue and choose passes which represent their brand image well.


Using digital wallet medium combined with passbeemedia, you can manage your marketing campaign completely. This gives you authority over advertisements and helps you to prosper in your business endeavors. Moreover assimilating digital wallet technology with your business portrays your company as progressive and helps you to get an edge over the competition.

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