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Make Passes For Passbook

Digital wallets have changed shopping as well as advertising. With coupons, tickets, passes and cards all saved in the smart phones of the consumers, the luxury of digital wallets are gradually becoming a necessity. Apple’s passbook introduced mobile wallets to the mainstream. With a user friendly interface and easy management its convenient to hold your coupons, tickets, passes, cards and memberships on one platform i.e. your passbook as passes.

Passbook included a bright interactive interface and was easy to use. Supporting offline and cloud based technology, it effortlessly seamed into every day life of an average smartphone user. With increase in customer’s interest, many companies accepted passbook like starbucks, mcdonalds, MLB etc increasing its popularity. After any purchase on your electronic device you would be given the choice to add it to your passbook as a pass. This pass could be utilized when you reached the point of business by a 2-D barcode displayed.

Passbook introduces a new way to advertise as well as shop. Businesses can interact with their customers directly. Offers, promotions and sales can be sent to the customers right on their mobiles. Moreover customers can easily store these passes increasing chances for utilization. Creating passes and distributing them is a problem which can be solved by using passbeemedia.

Passbeemedia is a service which allows you to create and distribute passes for various businesses ranging from tickets, coupons, cards and memberships.


Type of pass:

The first step is choosing the type of template you require for the pass. Several templates are present in Passbeemedia’s pass creator for various conditions. The type of template will represent its use, and they can range from coupons and cards to boarding tickets.


Customizing colors and images:

The colors from the background and the text can be them customized according to your choice. Passbeemedia allows this freedom so that your pass can represent your brand image as it is. It helps in creating a pass which is unique and can attract customers by the first glance.

Passbeemedia allows you to post images on the screen which best describe your products and the pass. Hence it depends on your preference, you can either select a pass which contains a large image or produce a pass with more text and information.


Data :

Basically a pass contains some text information displayed to the customers. The brand label, representing the pass and some data which allows you to verify the pass. This verification data is present in the form of a 2-D bar code which can be scanned and the pass can be used.

The back side of the pass includes supplementary information such as phone numbers, address, details and links to the company’s website. It can also redirect the customer to the company’s mobile app so that transaction can be completed online.


Lock screen setting and language:

Various languages can be selected and your pass would be translated and displayed using the language of the locality in which it is being advertised. This increases versatility of the pass and enhances chances of usage. The lock screen notification text can also be modified.


Testing and distribution:

The final product is tested and analyzed to see if it is fit for distribution. Passbeemedia allows you to send this pass to friends to get remarks and change it accordingly. Once the final product is set, passbeemedia can be applied to distribute it on various platforms such as sms, email, push notifications etc. You can also control the spread of your campaign according to the scope of your business.


With these simple steps a pass can be created using passbeemedia and distributed, thus helping you incorporate digital wallets with your business.

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