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Make Passbook Cards

Passbook is the new mobile wallet app introduced by apple in iOS 6. It introduces a mobile wallet which can be used not only for online transactions but assimilates cards, coupons, tickets and every paper item you may carry in your wallet. It basically removes the need for a physical wallet. The digital information stored in passbook can easily be used in the physical world. This information is stored as “passes” which contain brand name, picture, additional information and a 2-D bar code which can be scanned. The bar code is specific for each pass and depends on each service ranging from tickets to online stamp cards.

There are a variety of cards distributed in shops and businesses. The function of each type of card is different ranging from increasing customer base to providing perks for regular customers. Various cards which are usually converted into passes are:


Membership cards:

Membership cards provide certain perks and discounts to the customers who sign up for them. They help create a sense of belonging and create a loyal customer base. Customers with membership cards also have a higher rate of returning to the store for using their membership. Online membership cards in passbook are easy to manage and one can easily manage a variety of cards which would be unmanageable otherwise.


Stamp cards:

Stamp card system offers faithful customers small rewards as tokens of appreciation. Stamp cards help in maintaining customer base and promote loyalty towards a brand. The customers are barraged by a large amount of stamp cards by variety of stamp cards making them hard to manage.

Digitalizing these stamp cards and setting up a system in which instead of saving paper or plastic cards customers could store these stamp cards in their phone’s is the next big thing to gain customer returns. This feature helps in cutting costs for the business, advertise effectively and gain data about customer behavior. Customers find it easy to carry the cards and usage is much easier with reminders and push notifications alerting them.


Loyalty cards:

Some businesses or merchants track their customers and provide points for each transaction they make in the store. Special loyalty cards are provided to the customers which are wither automatically or manually updated every time they visit. Digitizing these cards allows the business to set up a system which helps the customer as well as is better for management.

Digital loyalty cards with a specific bar code can be scanned on each visit and this keeps providing points to the customer while keeping the record for businesses. It also helps in analyzing customer behavior.


Store cards:

Store cards are coupons which are rewarded to customers over a certain purchase or given out to increase customer base. Showing these cards at the store provide you with benefits such as discounts or free merchandise. Online store cards can be sent through a variety of platforms hence saving distribution costs.



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