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Connect to customers with location based promotions, offers, and product updates.


Modern Generation smartphones have introduced Low energy Bluetooth technology which has opened pathways for inter device communications. No longer do you need to keep switching your Bluetooth off to save battery, you can keep it on and allow interactions from other devices ranging from laptops, mobiles etc. This has led to the introduction of the exciting new Bluetooth powered location based technology, the "Ibeacon".

Ibeacon utilizes Bluetooth technology instead of the GPS system to accurately determine your position. This can be used to send information from the beacon to the consumer’s electronic device directly. It opens doors to a modern more efficient micro-location targeting. Using ibeacon, your advertisement is sent only to those customers who are present 150 m in proximity to the beacon. With ability to calculate the proximity of the ibeacon, it is a convenient tool for customers to locate it and thus reach your business point. Ibeacons have certain advantages in comparison to other similar communication devices such as:

Exact location targeted:

Ibeacons are mobile and can be placed around the shop. With each beacon projecting the advertisement you want straight to the customer’s mobile phones, it is easier to personally inform customers about new offers and sales instead of using bill boards or salesmen harassing them. The proximity based equipment allows the customer to come straight to the section of his choice offering the products he wants by strategic placing of the beacons through out the area.

Battery friendly:

Ibeacon utilizes LE Bluetooth techonology which consumes much less battery than GPS system in phones. Additionally GPS signals aren't available in many areas such as basements while the ibeacon technology presents a mobile technology which can be utilized anywhere.

Information during shopping:

With ibeacon's personalized messages being pushed to customers in proximate areas, it is much easier to provide information about various products available and their specialities. This allows customers to quickly make decisions and help them to browse through the items.

Instant purchase:

Ibeacon technology can also be used to purchase what you want directly from your electronic device. This saves you time, and allows more transactions for the business.

How it works. It's simple andeasy!


Log into your Passbeemedia Studio account, create and distribute beautiful promotions in just minutes


Instead of developing your own app, Customer downloads promotion directly to their phone's pre-installed Passbook App


Customer walks by store and receives a location sensitive promotion at just the right shopping moment


Update the promotion at any time and continuously remarket to consumer

Mobile Wallets + iBeacon
starts at $49
  • Unlimited location based notifications
  • Unlimited updates / push messages
  • Onboarding Consultation
  • 2 iBeacons hardware included