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Ibeacon For Small Businesses

Advertising and communication is gradually becoming more personalized. With the boom of advertising in the last century, companies have been trying to figure out ways to reach out to the customer more efficiently. This has led to many innovative methods which are still being used today such as coupons, store cards, loyalty cards and sales. The problem is that now these methods have been tried and tested and innovation is getting hard to come by. New methods to get in touch with the audience, to connect with the consumer and create an innovate way of interaction.


Importance of locality:

A real estate agent will always tell you that locality is everything. Even while purchasing land, locality always matters. A small area in a good location can be more profitable than a much larger area in a somewhat remote location. Small businesses and shops are even more affected by their location because instead of depending upon their brand names, they depend on customers who will walk in and go through their stuff. So for small businesses it is extremely important to attract nearby customers to increase interaction and for increasing business.



Ibeacons are low energy Bluetooth powered targeted devices which can send messages and interact with devices in a specific range around them. Now these beacons can be placed anywhere near the business point and they will send various advertisements and sale offers directly to cell phones. This will increase chances of the customers to visit as they are already in the locality and helps in adding a technological effect and sophistication to your business.


Advantages of Ibeacons:


Easy interface:

Ibeacons are easily set up as Apple provides a user friendly interface for the businesses and the customers. This allows the business owners to easily place advertisements and offers which are received by default in iphones, hence reaching many customers at the same time.


These ibeacons can be placed anywhere inside the shop or on the street close to the shop. This helps in guiding the customers as each have a specific range which can be used to your advantage.


Battery friendly:

Using low energy Bluetooth technology the phones which are interacting with ibeacons do not have their battery drained hence this technology is preferable as compared to GPS and wifi. Another problem with GPS and wifi is their specific range and non reachable areas which are countered by ibeacon’s versatility.


One on one interaction:

The biggest advantage is the one on one interaction which is available by using ibeacons. Small businesses can interact easily while customers aren’t hindered with advertisements when they aren’t nearby. This adds a personal touch to the advertising along with its practicality.

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