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High School Students ID Passbook



Smartphones have effected us all in one way or the other. It has changed the way we do business and has helped shaped our routine. Smartphones have added a new dimension to our personal and professional life, bringing comfort and ease. We dont need to carry with us cameras, laptops and a bunch of other stuff when everything is stored and included in our smartphones. With the advent of cloud storage, we can even access all our data through our cell phone using the internet and a simple wifi connection.


Another very important change has been the introduction of mobile / digital wallets. Digital wallet is basically a personal online container which has your information, financial records and is linked with your bank account. This can be used to access your account and used to purchase anything online. Passbook has integrated the use of digital wallet not only in transactions but in our everyday life. Passbook has added the option of not only using the wallet for payment but an important tool used in our everyday life. Using the passbook we can create passes which can act as store cards, coupons and even tickets which can be distributed online. The most important feature is the addition of a 2-D bar code which can be scanned to confirm any purchase, purchase anything or reveal information stored as passes in your passbook. This has led to develop the most innovative use of passbook today which is using passbook for issuing digital student ID cards.


Passbeemedia is the perfect tool to design and apply te digital ID card system introduced by passbook. Passbeemedia provides an interface in which you can choose everything from the information, design and features of the digital ID card pass. This can further be distributed among students and can be monitored using passbeemedia which provides an interface to control and monitor the passes. The pass can also display information on the back which is more lengthy and detailed. This information can be modified from the passbeemedia database and it will automatically be added to every pass issued as a digital ID card. This helps to keep students upto track about recent events in the college or school campus. Passbeemedia also allows the research by creating a student database and allowing correlation between various activities and academic accomplishments.


Integrating student ID cards allows the following unique advantages:

  • Easy to design and distribute.
  • Saved in each students mobile cloud so cannot be lost of forged.
  • Students can be monitored and observed using it.
  • Helps administrators research habits and student’s activities with his grades.
  • The 2-D barcode can get recent student information at anytime using just a scanner.




Student ID cards saved as passes is a step in the right direction, adding technology in our daily life and bringing passbook / mobile wallets to the mainstream. This helps not only the students and teachers but will help our overall educational process with research towards a better educational experience.

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