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Easy ibeacon Deployment

One of the most successful strategy in fast food restaurants is the waiter asking “Do you want fries with that?” after taking the order. Actually when we have decided what to order, an offer like that on the spot takes customers aback and usually most tend to buy into that offer rather than stopping and thinking. So instead of passive marketing where the customers have time to prepare their response, active marketing is much more effective. Ibeacon is a perfect example of this active marketing strategy.

Ibeacons have changed the way stores and businesses can market their product. Instead of spreading pamphlets, putting up billboards or harassing mailboxes with spam, ibeacon is able to pin point and target potential customers on spot in real time. Using Bluetooth technology it is able to connect to smart phones around it easily accessing potential customers nearby. This way you can easily entice customers with new promos, sales and products. The fact that the customers are already near greatly increases the chances of them walking over to your store for a look which leads to your business garnering more attention. This decisively enhances purchases as your products have more exposure and more people will tend to buy from your particular store.

Ibeacon offers a plethora of advantages to other marketing tools, such as:



Marketing through ibeacon is cheaper than its paper counterparts. Instead of spending time and money on making paper ads or setting up billboards, ibeacon deployment after purchase and use is essentially free.


Easily accessible:

Wifi or GPS tracked marketing tools and devices have problems with accessibility. With GPS unable to track under ground and most people switching of their wifi, Bluetooth is the only viable option left. Specially low energy consuming Bluetooth suits customers and most prefer to keep it on and hence always accessible.


Easy Installation:

Installing ibeacon is easy and can be done anywhere anytime. Instead of carrying any heavy equipment it is easily available in the size of a flash drive. Companies are offering ibeacons which just need to be plugged in to a power source or a computer’s usb port and they are active.

The software is accessible and easy to understand while sync with apple phones is automatic. Most apple devices already have this technology configured hence it can reach most phones by default.

The sales or promos can be customized thus personalizing the message and adding a humane touch to the whole advertising procedure. Overall setting up and using ibeacon is easy and its benefits are immense.

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