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Digital Stamp Card Setup

It is hard to maintain customer loyalty nowadays. With competition increasing and various malls opening up with dozens of shops, customers are exposed to anlimited choices. Gaining a loyal customer through just good service and treatment is gradually becoming tougher and poses a problem for small and large businesses alike. to gain the loyalty assure their return, certain incentives must be offered to the customers. Stamp card system offers this by rewarding faithful customers with small rewards as tokens of appreciation. Stamp cards help in maintaining customer base and promote loyalty towards a brand.


Stamp cards were adopted quickly and in a short time many businesses started offering them. This posed a problem as the customer was faced by a barrage of stamp cards and it was hard to save all of them let alone remember them. Wasted stamp cards were costly to the businesses and difficult to manage for the customers.

Digitalizing these stamp cards and setting up a system in which instead of saving paper or plastic cards customers could store these stamp cards in their phone’s is the next big thing to gain customer returns. This feature helps in cutting costs for the business, advertise effectively and gain data about customer behavior. Customers find it easy to carry the cards and usage is much easier with reminders and push notifications alerting them.

Passbeemedia offers an easy method to set up your own personalized digital stamp cards. Passbeemedia is a service providing your own stamp card creator, distributor and marketing analyst in one package. You can control every single detail about your stamp cards from the creation to management and marketing. Perks of being provided with live statistics about number of cards utilized and customer’s usage patterns also help you become well informed and change your marketing strategy effectively.

Creating digitalized stamp cards with passbeemedia offers you to connect with your customers through the following ways:


First Impression:

The first impression is your last impression. Integrating new trends such as digitalized stamp cards help create a progressive image of your brand. With customized tickets which act as advertisements, your cards will look attractive, trendy and unique.



Customer care:

Instead of burdening your customers with a bunch of cards you would provide them an easy way to gain their rewards. After every visit they can easily update their stamp card. The data about the total visits will be saved on their phone as well as your database. This way when the required number of times are achieved, customers can easily redeem them, avoiding the hassle of collecting cards and saving them. This creates a positive image of your business in the customer’s mind and encourages loyalty.



Reminders to the customers:

Passbeemedia allows you the option to remind your customer about the offers they could avail through location based services. Every time the customer is near your business he would be given a notification on his home screen reminding him of redeeming his digital stamp card. This helps in increasing the number of cards used and it can also be used to send out new offers and deals.



Live usage data:

Most importantly digital stamp cards show you customer behavior and spending habits. This data is invaluable in the long run to maintain a sustainable business and catch on new trends.


Passbeemedia can act as a creative, marketing and statistical tool for businesses everywhere. Living in a digital world, it is essential to take the next step and assimilate a modern lifestyle in business models before it is imposed by the fast changing trends.

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