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Digital Membership Cards

Digital wallets are much more than just methods of online transactions. Google wallet, passbook and similar apps have transformed them to not only contain just your cash but every piece of paper you need to carry in your wallet. Ranging from coupons, tickets and passes, everything is digitalized and stored in your phone. This gives us a system that is easy to use and easy to implement.

Membership cards offer certain exclusive benefits to the customers who own them. Usually each member has his own specific membership card and can use these benefits which range from discounts to notifications of sales and exclusive giveaways. It creates a sense of belonging for the customer and encourages them to return.

Passbeemedia offers digitalized membership cards to be stored in passbook or google wallet. Offering a service to create membership cards, check them, distribute and analyze them it offers unique benefits to the customer and the business.


Benefits to the customers:

Time and Hassle free:

Adding various memberships in your smartphone saves time and the effort to save and remember them. You can keep all of the frequently used membership cards in your digital wallet and utilize them whenever you want. Lessening the burden on your wallet this system is fast and reliable.

Payment Flexibility:

Instead of actually going to the transaction point, you can pay online and keep your record saved in your mobile wallet. Google wallet integrates online payments as well as management of such cards and as more companies assimilate digital memberships, paying for services online become much more effective.


Customer is reminded of sales and exclusive offers which may be of interest. It helps in reducing the number of cards which go to waste just because the customer forgot.



Benefits to the businesses:

Cost effective:

Savings on paper and plastic costs are monumental to make digitalized membership cards a success. Digital cards are free of cost and cuts on distribution costs as well.

Creative and widespread marketing:

Passbeemedia allows personalized membership cards which pave a way for creativity while portraying necessary information for members as well. The cards designed act as digital advertisements too, as they can be shared and emailed easily. With the nature of digital marketing, the membership cards and offers can be advertised on sms, email and social media, thus increasing potential customers and ensuring better awareness of your services.


Increase Operative productivity:

Passbeemedia provides live information about the usage of digital cards so you can judge customer patterns and behaviors. This can be used to maintain a productive and sustainable growth and adopt new marketing strategies with statistical tools offered by passbeemedia.

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