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Digital ID card Passbook Passes

Samrtphones revolutionized our everyday lives. The technology brought innovation and ease to our .lifestyle easily synchronizing with our schedules opening doors for new innovations. After assimilating cameras, mp3 players, software and hardware which could match laptops into a device as small as your hand, the next innovation proved to be much more subtle. Applications from large software companies to small flooded the market combining imagination with technology. These apps were the real reason that smartphones are now ubiquitous in our life as we developed the “Is there an app for that” attitude. It brought new ideas to life and created an environment where our lifestyle transformed. Now we can order food, book flights, prepare presentations, control and use our laptops and even our homes with everything being digitally connected.


ID Cards:

Now with smartphones becoming a necessity in our everyday life rather than being a luxury, the next use of digital wallets is adding your ID card to it. Student ID cards are issued to millions of students in universities and schools and they have to be present with them at all times. These cards are a form of identification and also functions to add security but they are usually neglected by students and are often lost or discarded. Its also easy to forge and create copies thus the ID card loses its purpose. This can be changed by using digital cards unique to each student and accessible from their phones.


Digital ID cards:

Digital ID cards can be stored using mobile apps on each students own smartphone. These cards not only hold the name and photo of the student but also a unique bar code which can be scanned for further information. Digital ID cards increase security as they cant be lost or forged and can hold plethora of information which can be accessed anytime. They have unique beinifits which prove to be helpful for both the students as well as the administration.


Luxury for students:

From high school to university, all students share one similar trait that their smartphone is with them all the time. This helps them stay connected to their friends and social community. Using digital ID cards can save the hassle of keeping and saving their ID card with them at all time. It would be accessible on their phone and easily verified using the unique bar code on each card. Hence removing chances of someone stealing it our forging it.


Cost effective:

Issuing, manufacturing and printing cards is a toll for the administration and the price from manufacturing and time wasted distributing and record keeping can be cut using the Digital ID card system. Like passbook digital wallet, these cards are stored using a cloud storage and can be accessed by the authorities whenever needed. Thus it saves man hours as well as money which can be better utilized elsewhere.


Student management:

From attendance of classes to recent grades, every piece of information can be stored online specific for each student. Its access will be as easy as scanning the unique bar code provided on each student ID card. This can help teachers keep track of progress each student is making and identify weaknesses of individual students or whole groups. it also helps in improving peformances of the students by focusing on what each student needs rather than focusing on a group. The digital ID card technology helps to correlate the attendance, time on campus, activities with the grades and co-curricular activities using the record saved on each students ID card thus adding a unique way to monitor and help students.


Research tool:

The administration can research student behavior and help improve itself using these ID cards by monitoring and keeping better records of students and their activities.



Each student will be issued his unique ID card on his smart phone at all times, hence the chances of outsiders entering or pretending to be a student are greatly reduced. This increases the security of the campus and provides a better observation tool. It also helps in locating students so at times of emergency the students can be easily evacuated or located. All of this is maintained online so its available instantly adding to its use and reliability.

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