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Create Mobile Passes

With advent of passbook the mobile wallet system has taken off to new heights. Recently a large number of brands are accepting passbook and adding them into the business structure. The added utilities of passbook such as additional storage of coupons, tickets, membership cards and store cards in the form of passes have increased interest in mobile wallets. This provides an opportunity for the businesses to use passes for communication between the customer base and them. It also allows better management of the marketing campaign and increases utilization of coupons and other loyalty cards as compared to the paper ones. Following passbook google wallet has been updated and Samsung wallet has been introduced increasing competition and has attracted people towards it. Hence companies and brands such as star bucks, mcdonalds, MLB etc have accepted passes as payment forms and have used them for their ad campaigns.


Pass Creation:

Passes can be created in a variety of styles and depend on their use. With various types of businesses accepting passes the most popular usage of passes in place of the following paper items:



Coupon system is present in almost every other store. Passes have been efficient in replacing paper coupons. They are stored in your cloud storage and thus you don’t need to carry them around in your wallet. Additionally mobile passes are convenient for management and using them.



Passes have a 2-D bar code on them and each code can be specific. Hence the use of these bar codes on passes are perfect for event or travel tickets. These tickets are stored in your phone so you don’t have to worry about them whenever you leave home. For businesses its easy to manage the numbers of tickets generated and they get live results of how many people have used them.


Membership and store cards:

Passes easily replace membership and store cards. Using passes instead can also display the new features or sales on the pass rather than just being a card for entrance.


Passcreation by Passbeemedia:

Passbeemedia allows pass creation in a few simple steps. Utilizing a colorful and bright display, user friendly interface and plenty of options, it is great to create the optimum pass of your choice. The steps for creating a mobile pass are:


Type of pass:

The first step is choosing the type of template you require for the pass. Several templates are present in Passbeemedia’s pass creator for various conditions. The type of template will represent its use, and they can range from coupons and cards to boarding tickets.
Passbeemedia allows you to post images on the screen which best describe your products and the pass. Hence it depends on your preference, you can either select a pass which contains a large image or produce a pass with more text and information. Similarly colors of your choice for background and text are added.


Lock screen setting and language:

Various languages can be selected and your pass would be translated and displayed using the language of the locality in which it is being advertised. This increases versatility of the pass and enhances chances of usage. The lock screen notification text can also be modified.


Testing and distribution:

The final product is tested and analyzed to see if it is fit for distribution. Passbeemedia allows you to send this pass to friends to get remarks and change it accordingly. Once the final product is set, passbeemedia can be applied to distribute it on various platforms such as sms, email, pushnotifications etc. You can also control the spread of your campaign according to the scope of your business.

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