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Business Cards For Smartphone

In the business world, networking is the key to success. Every venture requires personnel from various fields and public relations are the key to gather a group of such individuals. Public relations also maintain understanding and goodwill among the organization and the general public. Business cards represent individuals and their companies and act as a formal introduction. Moreover they are essential for quick memorization and recalling you if necessary by the recipient of the card. Especially in conferences with a large group of people, it can be daunting to remember each and everyone so business cards are essential for professionals.


What if there was an easier way to distribute business cards? Instead of meeting a person, telling him about yourself and your company, giving him a piece of card with little information which he would have received from a number of people before. The answer lies in a digital business card. A digital representation of your card which is not only easy to transfer, but can hold more information and include access to your company’s website.


Passbeemedia allows you to take a step into the future, into the new age of public relations where you can be one step ahead of the rest. Instead of printing out hundreds of business cards and storing them in your overflowing wallets, you can just create digital business cards to be used in the physical world. Using digital cards have distinct advantages over physical ones. First of all you save costs of printing and reprinting them to distribute. Moreover it portrays an image of a tech savvy company, and creates a better first image. The sharing of such cards are also easier, hence they benefit the company and the recipient who doesn’t have to stockpile them like the rest.

Passbeemedia adds a sense of style and sophistication to creation of digital cards for a number of reasons.


Creation of custom cards:

Using a simple interface you can create, customize and view your own digital business cards using passbeemedia. Allowing you liberty to change the color, text, info to the most minor details allows you to be creative and look different from the competition. If you prefer to go with the safer option, there are a number of templates available from which you can just pick and choose.

Each card can have its brand image and name easily attached and modified, along with a link to the mobile app or website of it’s business. This enhances chances of the recipient to search up and read more about your business as compared to what he would have done with a paper card.


Spread and Marketing:

Instead of the few people you meet every day, Passbeemedia allows your digital business cards to be spread across a number of platforms such as social media platforms, email and sms. This would provide a larger potential customer base and attract clients you had no access to before. It also saves time which can be utilized in a appropriately.


Analytical tools :

Information about the spread of your card and various other logistics and analytics will be displayed to you by PassbeeMedia. This helps you to decide the future for your marketing campaign. You also acquire a detailed account manager and even quarterly expert consultations to help you in business endeavors.

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