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Battery Powered Ibeacons

The best kinds of adverts are those, which are targeted towards a select group of people. Focusing on individual groups helps increase chances of success and prompts most customers to buy the product. This is why recently instead of targeting a specific group according to their likes, dislikes or age factors, it has been seen that their locality and current position can also be successfully used to entice them to make the transactions profitable for your business for example, if a person walking through a mall he is bound to get thirsty, now instead of bombarding him with bill boards and sign boards, if a single ad is displayed on his personal smart phone about a buy one coffee and you get a doughnut free from a nearby café, his chances to visit it will increase exponentially. So a technology which can use this new methodology if applied can prove to be fruitful.



To connect with customers at a personal level Apple has introduced Ibeacon technology. Using ibeacons you can interact with individuals and send your advertisements and offers directly to the smart phones of individual customers. Ibeaons utilize low energy Bluetooth technology which allows customers to keep their Bluetooth on all the time as it consumes only a fraction of the energy it used to in previous generation smart phones. Now as more customers keep their Bluetooth active this opens a new path way for communication and hence helps in increasing the interaction.

Ibeacon basically is a device which can send personalized messages to iphones surrounding a specific proximity around it. Utilizing Bluetooth instead of GPS or wifi it is easier to connect. Due to its range and ease to set up it can easily be installed anywhere.

Now to increase the functionality of ibeacon, battery powered ibeacons have been introduced. Battery powered ibeacons have a number of distinct advantages:

Easy to set up:

Ibeacons can easily be set up especially if they are battery powered. Usually power sources were needed for setting up ibeacons or USB ports. Battery powered ibeacons just need to be placed and they start working perfectly.

Increased Range:

Now that ibeacons are battery powered, they can be placed anywhere, even in places where it wasn’t possible before thus increasing its range and versatility. This helps in reaching out to more customers than before.

Applicable in large crowds:

Recently MLB has started using ibeacons in their stadiums to interact with fans during the games, this helps in reaching out to a large number of like minded people. Battery powered ibeacons can be installed anywhere and this helps in expanding their range. Moreover in large crowds its easier to use battery powered as there is no danger of knocking out the electrical supply accidently.


Location based targeting:

Now that you have the freedom to set up ibeacons anywhere, you can easily used location based targeting to interact and target your customers.

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