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Apple Passbook Passes

Apple has a history to support technology which merges convenience and innovation into one. Each trend set up by apple creates waves in the industry paving way for new ideas and modenization. Recently mobile wallets are getting popular among the general public. Allowing you freedom to purchase online and manage your account with ease it is being regarded as the future of all internet transactions. With this increase in interest about mobile wallets and mobile shopping, it is time for a new method of advertising. Gone are the days where coupons, loyalty and store cards were most effective for customers to come back and advertising. To keep up with the pace, apple introduced “passbook” revolutionizing shopping for customers and businesses alike.


In the modern age, everything is being reinvented, the way we talk, do business, travel, communicate, even the way we shop. Now customers prefer ease and flexibility in their lifestyle. The tedious processes of buying tickets, saving coupons, taking care not to lose various cards from a bunch of businesses seems a waste of time. Passbook offers to convert all these physical paper or card items like tickets, coupons, loyalty and store cards into digital data as passes which can be utilized in the physical world as you like. All of your tickets, favorite store cards and coupons for sales would be stored in form of passes your iphone or ipod and can be accessed and managed on the go. This brings a new aspect to the mobile wallet system where it not only stores your money but also the essentials you use every time you go out.

Manufacturers, businesses and store owners can easily access this new medium and use them for advertising, creating a loyal user base and enhance their marketing campaigns. The easiest way for doing this is by using “passbeemedia”. Passbeemedia provides a simple interface for creating passes and distributing them among potential clients. Passbeemedia offers distinct advantages as compared to similar services by providing an all round package.


Effortless Pass creation:

Creating passes can be daunting for new users. Passbeemedia offers a unique colorful interface which guides new users and provides options for creating the pass which represents your business perfectly. Offering templates as well as original creations, passbeemedia pass creation strives for perfection. You can choose everything, from the images, the colors, logo and text to where and when your pass should appear on the customer’s electronic device. Passbeemedia even offers a demo to create and send a pass to check its response.


Location based services:

Timing is everything when it comes to advertising. Passbeemedia’s location based services uses this principle effectively. Enabling GPS fencing and location based services for your passes allows you to select the area on which your pass will be displayed. This way whenever the potential customer is close to your location, your pass is displayed on his screen reminding him of the recent sales offer or discount he may get. This increases customer return and builds a loyal customer following.


Flexible plans:

With passbeemedia you can chose from our flexible payment plans to select the one which suits your business. Free trials are also offered for new users, while premium plans offer perks and advantages suitable to the size and vision of your business.


Marketing and analytics:

Using multi platforms to distribute your passes, with passbeemedia your campaign will be spread on sms, email, push notifications and various social network sites enhancing your reach effectively. It also allows you the benefits of analytics about your market, spread, and statistical tools to examine the efficiency of your campaign. Offering quarterly consultations, passbeemedia can act as an effective partner and guide to your business endeavors.

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