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Apple Passbook Generator

According to apple, passbook is: “A digital representation of information that might otherwise be printed on small pieces of paper or plastic. They let users take an action in the physical world.” Passbook is a location based service and it is activated on your home screen whenever you use the device. When you buy any service from any IOS app, you will be given the option to add it to your passbook. Now when you are close to the area where you need to utilize the service, you will automatically be notified by passbook on your home screen and it is utilized by a 2D bar code provided. Similarly coupons from print media can be added to your Passbook by scanning the bar code with your Apple device.



Various coupons, tickets, cards etc are stored as passes on the passbook. There are various styles available for each business and generally have a 2-D bar code, picture, text and the back of pass includes more information and a sometimes a URL linking you to the website of the service. These passes can be shared through email, sms or push notifications. Hence they promote sharing of these passes and provide advertisements.


Creation of passes:

Passes can be easily generated and spread using passbeemedia. Passbeemedia has unique features which provide an easy service to create, spread and manage your passes. It has certain features which enhance your ad campaign while integrating passbook in your business.


Pass creation:

Pass creation is easy and user friendly. With a dedicated pass creator, each pass can be customized according to the business. Everything from the colors, text and pictures can be modified to create a pass which represents your brand image perfectly. Passes of different types can be created such as coupons, tickets , loyalty cards, memberships etc.

Passbeemedia also provides you templates which can be applied as they are after just adding your information.


Pass Distribution:

Using passbeemedia, passes can be distributed using a number of methods such as sms, email and push notifications. Your advertisement campaign will also flourish by using a number of social media outlets thus increasing customer base. The distribution of passes is easy and you can choose the method of distribution according to your business and number of customers targeted.

An additional benefit is the location based services which promote usage of the passes by reminding them of the offers when they approach the transaction point.


Pass management:

Various statistical and managerial tools are provided along with analytics about your campaign and its progress. This allows you to observe the increase in customer base and behavior and modify your campaign. Providing a dedicated account manager and quarterly consultations, passbeemedia gives you complete control over your business campaign.


Creating a user friendly way to send passes and analyze data, passbeemedia is one step ahead from all passbook generators and is a complete platform for assimilating passbook with your business today.

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